#1 tip if you consider blogging or just got stuck in blogging

Having a website is no longer a guarantee that people, your target audience or let’s say your potential customers, can find you by the time they’re looking for someone / an expert like you.

Blogging could be an effective tool to start growing your blog, or business. By the time you consider to start a blog you have to (I call it a must do!) subscribe to Neil Patel’s newsletter. Neil is a top expert on SEO and a world wide known specialist in generating more traffic to your website. He’s providing a lot of high value content just for free. An you can learn from him too.


Even after diving into the deep ocean of blogging you’ll be guided and supported by his frequent blogposts and newsletters with tons of relevant info like what to do to get more visitors to your website. He’s sharing knowledge from experience he gained over years. Another topic I like is where to find interesting tools you could use and how to make it work for your business.

I’m looking forward to his weekly newletters sent to me every Monday. Besides reading you can listen to free podcasts and receive lots of bonus materials like cheat sheets, step by step guides and learn from infographics providing facts and figures.

If you want to learn about:

  • what backlinking is and what backlinks can do for increasing traffic to your website;
  • how to use keyword research and long tail keywords in your blogposts
  • how to improve your call to actions for higher conversion
  • what speed has to do with traffic and how to speed up loading your website
  • etc.

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So, here’s a big thank you Neil for all the great stuff!! and inspiration. Wishing you lot’s of success!

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